aug 04

Mr. Gosh’s Poem

Once I was someone so in love that I followed, a woman who ripped out my heart, leaving me jaded and hollowed. I have made new friends, but they don’t fill the void. Their words of comfort only leave me annoyed.

How can one so small cast a spell so strong? Why do I love her still, and how long… Before I can close my eyes and not see my wonderful angel, my muse, my beauty.

Such horrible deeds she has visited my way, yet the wrongdoings seems trivial at the close of the day.

I’ve tried to move on, but in the end it seem pointless. The last woman I saw was to quiet and… O.K. Jointless.

My heart has been stabbed so much it no longer bleeds. With a mind of it’s own it knows what it needs.

An end to the pain, thouh there’s not one in sight. Tormented again, alone every nite.

No matter who else is with me, I am always alone. My soul has been taken, right down to the bone.

– Roman Dirge

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